Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mad Max Fury Road

Right so my summer is set, regardless of Avengers or Jurassic World which I aint seen yet I have my summer movie. Mad Max is a pulse pumping thrill ride of sound,color and visions of beautiful chaos played out in a Post-apocalyptic waste land and is George Millers forth and long awaited return to the franchise which made him famous. This movie is stunning in a age where CGI is spattered all over the screen like digital vomit this movie delivers ground breaking actions scenes but also delivers something that those movies lose in the mire....heart.

                              *********  Spoilers ahead**********

The movie is set somwhere between the events of Road Warrior and Thunderdome although the time frame for any of those movies has never been solid but if your keen you can pick up hints and nodds that help you place it. The thing is Max's character blunders into this movie and you couldnt even call him the central character yet with that said he still is awesome and plays well  off Furiosa but I'll get that later. Furiosa Charlize Therons character is on the run from wasteland warlord Immortan Joe who's wives he's stolen. Max is like a shaggy stray dog ends up becoming part of this dysfunctional family if we shall call it that. At first not wanting anything to really do with them but over time his feral side is shaken away and he slowly learns what it is to be part of the human race again.

Tom Hardy is fucking awesome as Max and he plays him so well. A character with multi layers but does to his feral loner state Hardy has to use limited dialogue and gestures to convey this. At the start when he escapes the war boys and confronts Furiosa and the wives his like a wild dog or wolf muttering in grunts and growls..his eyes darting back and fort as he wields his iconic sawen-off double barrel. Even when he does speak Hardy shows use that Max voice is somewhat husking from lack of conversation and at times when he speaks it show he has trouble conversing with others. As I pointed out Max is some what cold and uncaring but after his encounter with the war boys could you blame him. He could have killed Nux for strapping him to his car but do's not being sharp enough to know hes was just a kid was been brainwashed like the rest of the war boys. Later even shows Nux some compassion in two instances. When he kills the Bullitfarmers men he brings Nux back a spare boot and later when Nux is spitting nitro into the war rigs engine and starts to get sick Max takes over for him. Little things like these didnt go unnoticed buy me and really help make the character.

Charlize Therons Furiosa Character does steal the show but I wouldnt agree that she steal the movie fully from max but does push him back some what. Her character up there with the likes of Ellen Ripely and Sarah Conner for best female action hero. Shes a female version of Max with one difference and this is the thing that stops Max from being redundant. She has not be fully broken by the world she lives in ....she seeks hope and redemption. Max has lost these but sees their still burning bright in Furiosa and decides to help her and prevent her turning into him. As he says himself "If you dont fix whats broken you'll go...mad!"
This line sums up Max, he's been down that road and lost it all. He see a chance at some redemption for himself and making sure theres still some hope left in the world.

The movie stunts are amazing and granted CG was used in removing wires and one other fantastic scene but it still looks beautiful.The movie is basically one massive chase. The car designs and costumes are wildly over the top and look like something ripped out of a 2000A.D or Heavy Metal comic which is no suprise as the awesomely talented comic book artist Brendan McCarthy whose also wrote some of the story designed the look of the film.

I could go on and on about the movie till the cows come home but I dont wanna spoil anymore of it. With that if you ask me this could be one of the last great action movies before the movieplexs are drowned with even more mind numbing Fast and Furious and Michael Bay movies. I've seen this movie three times and love it and urge anyone who see this review to check it out.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Shlocktober movie: Night of the Comet.

You dont get any more 80s then Night of the Comet. Valley Girls vs Zombies and the song "Girls just wanna have fun!" used in a mall shootout. Fuck yes.

So this comets pass's over earth rather like the one that passed earth 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went extinct and eveyone goes out to have a look bar two sisters Reggie and Sam. Both wake the next morning to find piles of dust where the people used to be and those that did not expire have become blood crazed zombies. So what do they do? Go to the mall and shop of course.

They take out a bunch of gun toting punk zombie stockboys (no really thats what they are) and hook up with hunky truck driver Hector played buy Robert Beltran ((Commander Chaktoy bitchs))
Then our heros come across and group who know about the comet and are up to no good.

Night of the comet is a fun cheese horror action movie with an okay cast and it knows it's not Ben Hur.
The music 80s, the action 80s and the idea is 80's. If your a fan of 80 horror this movies a must but be ready for spandex and leg warmers.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Shlocktober Movie: Of Unknown Origin

Right this movie is pretty fucking awesome even if it does go a bit silly at times. Right you want the pitch here it is. Robocop vs a rat. Peter Weller plays a well to do Yuppie who's dream home is invaded buy a rat from hell. This thing outsmarts him at every fucking turn from chewing the check left for the exterminator to killing the cat that Weller keeps to get rid of the fucker. This movie becomes Moby Dick half way through as Wellers character Bart Hughes becomes obsessed with the creature researching all he can about rats when he should be completing a major business deal for his company. The stand out scene is the Dinner where for some reason Bart starts spouting facts about rats making everyone at the dinner table cringe.

Weller is awesome in this movie and is so likeable you feel bad when the rat destroys him emotionally and makes him wreck his home in an effort to kill the beast. The camera work is awesome having the POV of the rat as it goes through the house.

This movie isnt a total nail biter but it does make you wonder who'll come out on top man or beast. If you can check this movie out on the lead up to Halloween its awesome.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Shlocktober movie:Phantoms

Right  if you ever herd of Dean Koontz you'll know he's like the K-Mart Stephan King. Not a bad writer but not up to par with the Maine man ((see what I did there)) We''ll a least Kings had more movies of his books made and if you watch Phantoms you can see why. Its a movie with great idea's and a decent cast but badly executed.

Basiclly two sister played buy scream queen Rose McGown and Joanna Going from Wyatt Earp return to their small home town to find all the locals have been killed buy an unseen evil. The local sheriff department arrive to investigate led buy no other then Ben "Batffleck" Affleck. The girls inform them that everyone seems to be dead or missing. The guys decide to hold up in a local hotel rather then getting the fuck outta the creepy ass town Afflecks men are picked off one buy one. Fuck Liev Schreiber has his face eaten the fuck off buy a giant moth.

Meanwhile the FBI hire a writer played buy Peter O'Toole to help them take out this unseem monster at the town. Army turns up Army dies. Affleck, O'Toole and the two sisters are left and have to take out the monster/Evil/Alien/ devil what ever you want it to be.

Phantoms has a good cast and while not at their A game dont phone home their roles either. Affleck was still starting out but he's not bad...its no Gone girl or Good Will Hunting but its decent. Peter O'Toole steals the show as the "expert" moments when people ask how powerful is this thing he replys with "Well it killed the dinosaurs so I say its one tough fucking customer!" Liev Schreibers characters is odd as this cackling nutball who you know is going to pop up in the end as a villain.

Is Phantoms a bad movie....well no...the cast is good, some of the effects are cool but it lacks any real scares and the plot goes a little too big for its boots considering this is a cookie cutter B-movie with a good cast.
But you know what don take my word for it.

Shlocktober movie: The Relic

So mix Jurassic Park with Alien and you to this so-so monster flick set in a New York Museum. The movie centers around a strange savage monster stalking the halls of a natural history museum killing staff members and visitors a like.Is it some prehistoric monsters from an age time forgot or some mutant which swam from the depths of the harbor intent on mayhem....well its none of these and the explanation is kinda dumb.
I wont ruin it even if its a let down but when its revealed its ment to blow you away.....but it really dosent.

The cast middling, Tom Sizemore's detective D' Agosta is the only real decent  character in the flick giving while a cookcutter burnt out cop role but making the most of it. Penelope Ann Miller character is Dr Margo Green is just there to spout techno babble and half do a half ass Ripley Impression at the end. Anyone else in this movie is canon fodder but dont worry none an no where close to likable.

Do I hate this its a fun silly popcorn flick but while some movies try to take the Alien archetype this movie goes...look look this scenes just like in Aliens or Jurassic park or even fucking Halloween. Infact thats a game you can play with your mate while you watch this. The Relic rip off game...thats it.

If your looking for a dumb horror for a lead up to halloween this does the job and its just worth it for watching the swat team me you'll bust your hole laughing.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Shlocktober movie: Night Beast.

Okay so say Predator had a 2nd cousin from a redneck family who had to get the special bus to school every'd have Nightbeast.
fucking NIGHT BEAST!

Made 5 years before predator Nightbeast tells the tale of a not so friendly E.T who's ship gets hit buy a meteor and crash lands in back woods U.S.A. and proceeds to lay waste to all who encounter it. Hunters DEAD. Police. DEAD, topless woman. DEAD....a car full of kids. DEAD. This yoke just kills and kills and kills at least Predators come he to hunt but this think just goes beserek. Be it using is disco light laser gun all just pull some poor blokes guts out it dosnt give a shit. And it never stops fucking fucking loud. Like its not like a xenomorph who would just go around and kill on sight. It Fly's a ship, wears fucking pants and can use a ray gun. It obviously has some from of logic to do these things so why is going around killing random people?

This movies a pile of shit...but a fun pile of shit. Have some mates over and keep the drinks going you'll have a fucking hoot of a time.

Also is it just me or does Nightbeast kinda look like the ape monster from Big trouble in little China.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery....well we'll find out in the lead up to Halloween in something I like to call Shlocktober on both the my Aliens and Savage Cinema blog I'll be reviewing some of the best and worst Alien and predator copy cat movies of all time. These include
Night Beast
The Deadly Spawn
Galaxy of Terror
The Borrower
The Relic
and a whole host of others.